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R57 Futurum by Victoria Findlay Wolfe for Studio 37.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe's new collection draws its inspiration from the future:

Futurum is the state of my current family situation. My daughter is starting the end of her high school years, the college search has begun, and everything that I'm working on is focusing on the future! With this line, I'm looking at everything with a fresh "forward" set of eyes: time line, shift, propel, season, grow, warp, and infinite, all words that inspire a fresh change! Using my bold mixes of happy color to reflect that the future is bright, encouraging quilters to go forth, and to make beautiful quilts!

Knowing we all have a long "list of quilts" we want to make, Victoria designed Futurum to inspire quilters to keep looking forward to getting another quilt made and checked off that "Quilter's To-Do list!"

Download the free "Fast Forward" quilt pattern by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.