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The Free Spirit 'Chipper' range by Tula Pink.

Tula Pink's newest fabric collection, Chipper, is about the warm sun on her face, hair gently blowing in the wind and the scent of fresh cut grass. Chipper is carefree and relaxed. It's a midday summer nap. It is the break that we all deserve but never take. Designing fabric is a lot like meditation; Tula gets to imagine the place that she most wants to be at that moment and bring it to life in fabric. This is a happy place where Tula might sit under the shade of a great old tree and watch the world go by without a care in the world. Tula Pink designed Chipper to be both refreshing and vibrant with tons of details and a fantasy color palette of mints, oranges, pinks and plums with undertones of cool grays and lime greens.

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