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Puddle Jumpers

Kathy Brown of The Teacher's Pet was inspired to design her Puddle Jumpers collection by two fond memories. She tells us, "I loved the Dick and Jane series of books that I learned to read from. The simple ginghams, dots, and prints in my collection all reflect that era of dress, but with a bit more modern flair to suit today's quilters and sewers. Also, when my daughter was very young, I would put her in rain boots and give her an umbrella. She loved to jump in as many puddles as she could find, watch the little frogs, and play to her heart's content. The umbrella was so large that it hid most of her face as the umbrellas do in the main print."

The Puddle Jumpers kids in the main print are outside with boots and umbrellas, splashing and playing in puddles along with ducklings and friendly frogs. A toss of rain boots, an umbrella geometric, gingham check, polka dots, leaping frogs and ducklings, a delightful border stripe, and tiny daisies complete the collection. Kathy suggests making a shower curtain from the main print with coordinating gingham check or polka dot curtains for a kid's bathroom. Puddle Jumpers is also ideal for kids' quilts and pillowcases, little girls' sundresses, and aprons for cookie baking and painting on rainy days. Check out Kathy's quilt patterns at www.the-teachers-pet.com. Download her free quilt pattern for kids when the collection ships.